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Vocabulary of the Void

Vocabulary of the Void - performance


Opening in a solid object

Making me fit the landscape, making the landscape fit me

Dit is waar het begint

Het uiteinde van geluid

Dartmoor series




Atlas, 2017

book, 120 pages


The Atlas focusses on the way in which we use language to grasp a space. They’re about how we have given names to all that surrounds us, how we’ve attached words to places, how there’s library’s full of atlases in which every square meter of the earth is written down.

This way of using language to grasp a space especially comes forward in mapmaking and atlases: all the names that we have given to the earth are noted down in these books.


The drawings in Atlas examine these lingual aspects of maps and mapmaking. By drawing over already pre-existing maps, and taking out only the text that is written on them, the original typography of the words remains: In some of the maps the words have literally adapted their shape to the place they belong to.


I have recently produced an edition of the book, see here for pictures and informaton on how to order.