Annabelle Binnerts



Vocabulary of the Void

Vocabulary of the Void - performance


Opening in a solid object

Making me fit the landscape, making the landscape fit me

Dit is waar het begint

Het uiteinde van geluid

Dartmoor series



Reads Like a Book

The Reader

The Printer

Representation of the Unseen

Annabelle Binnerts (1995) is a visual artist based in Utrecht. Often working with text, photography, drawing and performance, her works go into the relationships we have with our surroundings, in particular those kind of spaces that we can’t get a hold of. Themes like emptiness, categorisation and the human measure form a point of departure from which a process of collecting, writing and drawing starts. Often resulting in installations, videos or publications.

For her current project Reads like a Book she is focussing on the way in which (non-existent) spaces and places are expressed in text and in books. For example, she is examining the way in which a book can function as a map for a non-existent world, or how the description of a place can function as a metaphor.




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