Annabelle Binnerts



Vocabulary of the Void

Vocabulary of the Void - performance


Opening in a solid object

Making me fit the landscape, making the landscape fit me

Dit is waar het begint

Het uiteinde van geluid

Dartmoor series



Reads Like a Book

The Reader

The Printer

Representation of the Unseen




One Act Play

Short Ride in a Fast Machine

Traces of a Supposed Chain of Mountains

Our Main Character Enters the Stage

The Main Cast

Our Main Character Enters The Stage

Any Moment Now, A Grand Gesture Will Be Made

Shadow Animals

A.B. - a Lexicon

The Legend of the Seamonster

The Garden Path

Every Evening

Annabelle Binnerts (1995) is a visual artist based in Rotterdam & Utrecht. Often working with text, photography, drawing and performance, her works go into the relationships we have with our surroundings, in particular those kind of spaces that we can’t get a hold of. Themes like emptiness, categorisation and the human measure form a point of departure from which a process of collecting, writing and drawing starts. Often resulting in installations, videos or publications.

For her current project Reads like a Book she is focussing on the way in which (non-existent) spaces and places are expressed in text and in books. For example, she is examining the way in which a book can function as a map for a non-existent world, or how the description of a place can function as a metaphor.