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Vocabulary of the Void

Vocabulary of the Void - performance


Opening in a solid object

Making me fit the landscape, making the landscape fit me

Dit is waar het begint

Het uiteinde van geluid

Dartmoor series




Every Evening, 2020

In progress


Every Evening is the title of a poem I wrote a while ago,  that is now functioning as a basis for new work. I wanted the poem to be a kind of enumeration of different ways in which nature is described or used in storytelling, and to say something about how we ascribe symbolic meanings to nature by means of storytelling. For example, how every fox is a sly and cunning being, and that every winter our surroundings will be covered in a thick layer of snow. The series of work that is now growing from the poem is dealing with the same subjects, tough also opening itself up for other interpretations.



"Every morning will be hopeful, every evening will be gloomy.



Every sea will be the bluest blue you’ve ever seen, every forest will be an unknown wilderness to wander in, and once you’ve reached it, every mountain top will surprise you with an unexpected clarity of mind.


Every castle will have a ghost, every cave will house a bear, every mountain will carry a dragon, every sea contains a monster and a witch abides at the center of every forest.



Every winter will be long, and cold, and sad, but there will be snow and the snow will be ever so calm and pure. Spring will come and it will be promising: all roses will be lovely, all violets will be shy, all daisies will be innocent and every lily-of-the-valley will be sweet.



Every fox will be sly and every snake corrupt and dark, but every dog will be friendly and loyal, every hare will be running, every frog will be croaking and all birds will be songbirds."