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Vocabulary of the Void

Vocabulary of the Void - performance


Opening in a solid object

Making me fit the landscape, making the landscape fit me

Dit is waar het begint

Het uiteinde van geluid

Dartmoor series




One Act Play - The Loveliest of Graduates, 2018

Exhibition, curated together with Caz Egelie


One Act Play - The Loveliest of Graduates was an alternative Best of Graduates exhibition I curated together with Caz Egelie. The exhibition took place at the Academiegalerie in Utrecht.


For the exhibition we selected the work of 23 artists that had graduated the past summer. We didn't want the exhibition to show the exact same version of the work that was displayed in the graduation exhibitions. Instead, we selected separate elements from each indivdual work, and combined them together in an exhibition that can, as a whole, be seen as a complete installation. While doing so we closely collaborated with the partcipitating artists, and asked some of them to create new works that could be added to the exhibition.



Participating Artists:

AKI Enschede : Karin Hansmann | AKV / ST. JOOST Den Bosch : Malou Engbers, Linde de Greeff, Anna Spiliotopoulou | ARTEZ Arnhem : Romar de Bonte, Evita Bouwmeester, Hanneke Klaver, Mirthe de Leeuw, Ruben Planting | GERRIT RIETVELD ACADEMIE  Amsterdam : Elina Birkehag, Lieselot Elzinga, Ida Brottmann Hansen, Galatée Martin | HKU Utrecht : Sandra Heemskerk, Tjobo Kho, Fadenka van der Sloot, Joost Termeer, Gert Wessels | KABK Den Haag : Jette Dalsgaard, Daniël Siegersma | MAFAD Maastricht : Sara Bachour | ACADEMIE MINERVA Groningen : Eva Cremers, Rueben Millenaar